Americans are no longer safe


Thursday, June 13, 2024, Putin moved warships to the coastal waters of Cuba, just ninety miles from America!

Perhaps Putin heard of Joe Biden’s plan of convincing the G7 leaders meeting in Italy, to “steal” the $300 billion

of Russian assets in the United States. Biden does not have the cognitive ability to realize that Americans have three hundred billion dollars of assets in Russia, so Putin could retaliate stealing those assets which could lead to the collapse of the dollar. 

What is worse, is that Russia has hypersonic missiles on those warships that are very difficult to detect by radar. So, what if they hit the Pentagon, the White House, Wall Street, our energy, water, food supply or major means of transportation?

Wouldn’t that be like another 9-11?  Just how many people would be killed while military recruitment has been devastated with covid vaccines mandates, Marxist critical race theory, diversity, equity and inclusion guidelines and an administration that cares little about the safety of our soldiers, using them to build a pier in Gaza?

Robert Hur interviewed Biden regarding the classified/secret documents he removed from his VP office without permission, stashed in boxes in his garage, that he shared with a ghostwriter, who was writing his biography. Hur said: that Biden doesn’t have the cognitive ability to stand trial, as he couldn’t remember when he was V.P. or when his son died. Well, if that is the case, why do Democrats feel safe with Biden running our country? Or, is he just being manipulated by those wanting control over our lives?

It would be even more dangerous with “cackling Kamala”, our border czar! She did nothing about the border, but sent “millions” to Central America. She did mention that she wants to maintain a close relationship with our “ally, North Korea”!  Resumes shouldn’t include having sex with the highest-ranking “married” Democrat in California!

Under Trump, we had “closed borders” and a wall almost completed. With Biden’s “open borders” and asylum declarations, we may have millions of illegals voting, draining our treasury, bankrupting our hospitals, over-crowding our schools, increasing crimes, depleting food supplies, rising inflation from Trump’s 1.4% to Biden’s over 9% and rising. Trump took out ISIS, while the US is in two wars with Biden, who has given Ukraine $235 billion and committed support for ten more years! Ukraine’s Burisma gave Hunter $5 million, while Joe gave $1 billion US tax dollars to stop an investigation into Burisma corruption! Peter Schweizer in Red Handed said Joe Biden took $35 million from China, but  gave China territory, in which they could take Taiwan! The Biden family made millions from foreign countries, what did Joe give them! More later!

Charlotte Schnieders      

Jefferson City,