Argyle trustees want “Welcome” sign returned

By Linda Adkins, UD Staff Writer
Posted 4/27/22

Argyle trustees on Thursday discussed the theft of one of the old “Welcome to Argyle” signs at their regular meeting. When the new signs were erected several months ago, one had been …

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Argyle trustees want “Welcome” sign returned


Argyle trustees on Thursday discussed the theft of one of the old “Welcome to Argyle” signs at their regular meeting. When the new signs were erected several months ago, one had been housed at David Schwartze’s residence while awaiting transport to storage at the shed.

That sign “walked off” last week, according to Mayor Ryan Davis, and he has a “pretty good idea” who did it. 

“We would prefer that it just be returned, no questions asked,” said Davis. “There is a game camera on the property, and we’re hoping they just return it, and we’ll be all good.”

“If they bring it back, the sheriff won’t be involved,” Trustee Ronnie Brunnert added.

“That’s right,” Davis agreed.

In other business, verbiage for Argyle’s new ordinance, read by Trustee Felicia Wieberg, outlines conditions under which vehicles cannot be parked on public streets, including cars without current plates and registration in Missouri or another state, vehicles sitting for the purpose of repairing unless necessitated by an emergency, vehicles inoperable due to a mechanical condition that is not correctly repaired, and abandoned vehicles.

Violations of the ordinance shall be punishable by a fine of $100 each day the vehicle remains in violation. After five days, the vehicle shall be deemed “abandoned” and subject to removal by the village of Argyle at the owner’s expense. 

The ordinance goes into effect immediately. The next ordinance trustees will look at covers overall cleanliness as unkempt residences are a problem for neighbors. 

“It drives everybody’s property values down,” said Davis. 

  Mayor Davis reported on election results, noting that Trustee Kym Brunnert received 10 votes; Wieberg had nine votes, and there were seven write-ins for a trustee position. Of the seven, two do not live within the village limits. Dave Schwartze was also a write-in, but he is moving out of village limits soon and will not be eligible.

The remaining write-ins votes were for Jerica Otto, Dustin Otto, Kat Rackers, and Evan Schulte. 

Davis suggested appointing Jerica Otto to the board, adding, “I think she’d be a good one.”

Davis said they are making a shift to the board. Rather than a mayor and aldermen, trustees are thinking of going back to the way it used to be, with a mayor, a clerk, a collector, and two aldermen. 

Davis says Clerk Kym Brunnert is “getting a little overwhelmed;” however, she will continue sending out and paying bills. The clerk’s position would involve taking and typing minutes and coordinating with Kym on the financial statements, dealing with the county on elections, the State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA), and “all the other stuff we get emailed,” Davis said.

He asked for recommendations on what order to call the write-in candidates to see if they are interested.

Wieberg agreed that Jerica Otto would be a good selection. If she is not interested, next would be Dustin Otto and then Evan Schulte, who recently moved back into the village. Kat Rackers said she has “already done her time,” according to Davis. 

This was Trustee Ronnie Brunnert’s last official meeting. Jerica Otto was contacted after the meeting and accepted the position, and will be sworn in at the May meeting.

  Davis has spoken with the Meramec Regional Planning Commission (MRPC) about Argyle’s American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds. Those monies can be used for allowable expenses incurred beginning March 3, 2021, and must be spent by 2023.

Trustees have discussed reimbursement of village wages, which would give the money back to the city spent on salaries for essential workers. 

“I think that’s a great one, just to give the money back to the city, though it won’t be a ton of money,” said Davis. 

There are also sewer expenses for which ARPA funds can be obligated. Also, Kym Brunnert had suggested they look at updating the computer at City Hall, which is 7-8 years old.

Davis suggested if they go with a clerk and a collector, they could get two new laptops. Much of the work is done on QuickBooks now and could be done just as easily from the user’s home instead of City Hall if they prefer.

Davis plans to talk with Kelly Sink at MRPC to get advice on whether to obligate the funds now or wait until they are sure what they will do.

  The new “Welcome to Argyle” sign has come in, and some work on the brackets will have to be completed before installation. This sign will replace one damaged by accident earlier this year.

  February’s financial statement showed a general revenue account balance of $38,765.16. Deposits totaled $6301.72, and expenses were $8081.01. The money market account held $63,897.81.

  At the time of the meeting, Argyle’s general city account had a balance of $40,883.12. Deposits totaled $2775.33, and total expenditures were $657.37, and the money market account balance was $63,905.04.


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