Can you hear that?


It must be summer break for State Tech. No distracting and for some, painful traffic sounds on Main Street in Linn.

Oh, don’t you just love it when you can finally open your office or home windows on a nice day and let in some fresh air? There is only a short window of opportunity for that to happen at least during the daytime hours.

If you attempt to open your windows from the months of August through May, weather permitting,  don’t expect to be able to concentrate, make or receive phone calls or even be able to think.

I guess the business owners and residents along Main Street must have missed the “memo” informing them that during the months that State Tech is in session, Main Street is no longer just a public thoroughfare but also serves as a ‘quarter mile’ drag strip which starts somewhere around the courthouse and goes east.

It’s kind of sad when you can hear a vehicle coming from a few blocks away and know without a doubt which car or truck it is coming down the strip, I mean street, way before it even comes into view.

I personally have nothing against loud pipes. I myself own a vintage car with pipes, but I have to wonder why these vehicles are not pulled over and ticketed or at least warned about their loud exhaust systems and speed while traveling down Main Street in the daytime hours when folks are trying to do business.

Is there no such thing as a nuisance or noise violation or failure to equip vehicle with muffler/adequate muffler/properly attached muffler?

Kim Verslues

Bonnots Mill