Democrats hold up Biden


President Joe Biden’s poll numbers plunged to a dismal 41 percent approval, 55 percent disapproval in a recent national poll. This was before an ISIS-K terrorist bomber killed an estimated 70 Afghans and 13 American soldiers and before President Joe Biden’s embarrassing press conference on Thursday, where he was giving “instructions” on who to call on like a grade school child.

The poll done by USA Today and Suffolk University shows a drop of at least 10 points as the President has had an average approval rating in the low to mid 50’s since moving into the White House in January.

Other polls show similar drops. An NBC News poll released on Aug. 22 showed a reduction in how Americans judge the President when combating the coronavirus from 69 percent in April to 53 percent. That same poll showed a drop from 52 percent in April to 47 percent on Biden’s approval rating regarding the economy.

When you break down the USA Today/Suffolk University poll, his approval rating among independents was only 32 percent, but Democrats gave our commander in chief an 87 percent approval rating. Republican’s approval rating for Biden is almost non-existent.

What has Biden done that gets the support of such a massive percentage of Democrats?

Perhaps Democrats support Biden’s policies that have lead to over 1 million migrant arrests at the southern border for this fiscal year. In June, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said that 188,829 migrants were encountered at the border with Mexico, up from 180,034 in May. This compares to just 33,049 in June 2020.

These numbers do not reflect those who enter the U.S. without being detained.

The only thing down at the border is drug seizures. That is not a good sign. It’s down because CBP agents are too busy processing migrants to go after drug traffickers.

Illegal immigration does not directly affect those of us in the Show-Me state yet. We are affected by inflation. The core personal consumption expenditures price index (PCE) rose last month to 3.6 percent, the most on an annual basis in 30 years. It would be more, but the Core PCE excludes food and energy.

One reason for inflation has been an expansion of money in the marketplace brought on by out-of-control government spending.

That brings us to the price of gasoline, which affects the poor the most. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, gasoline prices have risen 41.8 percent in the last 12 months. 

Some of that is to be expected after prices were depressed last year due to the pandemic. Biden’s assault on the oil and gas industry is also to blame.

According to the price of regular fuel in the U.S. in Aug. 2019 was $2.52 per gallon. Today gasoline averages $3.14. Just before the pandemic, it was $2.35.

Do Democrats welcome all of this inflation given to us courtesy of our 46th President? If Trump was still President, you can bet they would be blaming him daily.

Maybe Democrats are proud of how Biden represented the U.S. earlier this summer at the G-7 summit in England where he embarrassed himself and had world leaders laughing at him with more than one gaff.

At a Q&A session with reporters — reminiscent of Thursday’s press conference — Biden admitted that he was given instructions on who to call on. Biden said “Now, why don’t I take some of your questions? And I’m told, Jonathan (referring to Jonathan Lemire of the Associated Press), I’m supposed to talk — recognize you first.”

At the summit, he was videotaped lost. He repeatedly stumbled at his final press conference confusing Syria with Libya multiple times.

Biden’s most significant error has been the failed and disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Jake Tapper, with CNN called what has happened in Kabul “a clear indication of inept planning” by Biden. Adding: “Biden now has images, as part of his legacy, that are arguably far worse” than the Saigon airlift. 

It is increasingly becoming clear that Biden is incompetent and a humiliation to the country. Those that continue to ignore this are blind.

My guess is that Democrats support Biden for only one reason, he is not Donald Trump, whom they hate and despise.

P.S. — Since I wrote this column Biden embarrassed himself by repeatedly checking his watch during the ‘dignified transfer’ ceremony on Sunday and on Monday during a FEMA briefing he referred to a black adviser as ‘boy.’


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