Argyle Chooses a New Mayor; Decides to Survey Disputed Area

By Linda Adkins
Posted 6/23/21

Linn Fire Protection District (LFPD) Chief Ron Hoffman at Thursday’s meeting informed board members that the district’s new 2021 International fire truck from Rosenbauer is now in service. …

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Argyle Chooses a New Mayor; Decides to Survey Disputed Area


A new mayor was chosen at Argyle’s regular monthly meeting. Former mayor Chris Brundick announced his resignation in an email to Argyle trustees, citing personal obligations and his lack of time to serve the board as needed.

As a result, an election was held in which Trustee Ryan Davis was chosen unanimously as mayor. Davis’ move to mayor left an opening for a trustee. That new trustee will be Todd Wildhaber, who has served on the village board previously.

Mayor Davis reported that planned placement spots for the new “Welcome to Argyle” signs have become an issue. One sign was planned for the Dave and Donna Schwartze property. The second site was planned for a spot believed to be owned by Catherine Rackers. Now there is some concern that the spot chosen may instead be the property of Jerome Wulff.

Davis has spoken with Wulff, who has no problems with the sign, he just does not want it on his property. “I just want to keep everybody happy,” said Davis, I’m not going to start construction work without having that corner surveyed.”

Argyle Clerk Kym Brunnert said she had been asked before why the signs were not placed right at the city limit signs. Trustee Ronnie Brunnert agreed, “if you move it inside the city limits, people on the other side may feel they are not part of the town.”

Davis maintains that the “Welcome to Argyle” signs are just a “tip of the hat”, not a city limits sign. “I don’t care where we put it, but If we are going to put it where we originally planned, we need that corner surveyed, probably a couple of hundred bucks”.

Motion to have the survey done was made by Ronnie Brunnert with a second by Felicia Wieberg with no votes opposed.

Trustees voted to accept the bid from Tom Brunnert for lawn mowing services this year. Brunnert had been helping out by mowing the grass while the village advertised for bids. No other bids were received. Brunnert will mow “as needed” with a charge of $40 per cut. Davis suggested they put out the bid notice earlier next year and consider a two-year agreement instead of year to year. In the meantime, Davis did some spraying to cut down on the weeds. Arrangements are being made to have some brush hogging done.

Davis continues his quest to find a sewer operator. In lieu of finding an operator, Davis hopes to find someone in town who is willing to do daily readings. “There are two meters on one pump; three on the other,” Davis said, “It’s really simple”.

Clerk Kym Brunnert volunteered to do the entry work for the electronic reports if a volunteer can be found to check the meters. Submission of these reports (eDMRs) will help to satisfy the requirements of DNR allowing the village time to find a sewer operator.

In response to Trustee Ronnie Brunnert’s question about road work, Davis says road work this year will have to be limited. Davis says they could do some small patches, but “the smaller the amount, the higher the price.” Scotty Reichel has been contacted about doing some cold pack and potholes but any major repairs will have to keep.

Davis is investigating the possibility of grants or a small interest municipality loan through Meramec Regional Planning Commission (MRPC). “I can’t imagine there aren’t other cities like this who are unable to keep their streets 100% good.”

There may also be some funding available through the American Rescue Plan. Davis commented that there are people around town who want to take care of their own business and leave the government out of it. Davis feels they need to take advantage of that money if available, but cautioned “you have to look at the logistics of how that money can be spent; otherwise, it will have to be paid back with interest”.

*Recent smoke testing revealed infiltrating leaks. According to Davis, none are “super-pressing,” but minor repairs are needed. Trustees plan to find a day and put a couple of hours into the repairs.

*Flags donated by Representative Bruce Sassmann will be displayed around Argyle in advance of the July 4 holiday.

*Clerk Brunnert reports a current balance of $63,869,78 in the village MMDA account. The sewer MMDA account holds $30,000.53 and sewer payment account has $8072.99. Argyle’s general account presently contains $39,821.17.


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