The truth about the debt ceiling “crisis”


If there was a Republican in the White House, virtually every Republican would vote in favor of raising the debt ceiling. Republicans only care about deficits and resultant debt when they are NOT in the White House. This has been going on for over 40 years.

Ronald Reagan essentially tripled the national debt, and George W. Bush doubled the national debt when he should have never had one year of deficit spending.

Donald Trump promised to pay off the national debt in two terms. Instead, he added $• trillion to it.

Ex-President Bush told us that "We can have it all." We were told that "We have to be careful not to pay down the debt too fast." Ex-President Bush took care of that problem. He doubled the national debt.

This is equivalent to borrowing you friend your credit card, and now you have to pay the bill.

In truth, the last Republican President to balance the budget for even one year was Dwight D. Eisenhower.

Don't ever let any Republican tell you that their party is the party of "Fiscal responsibility." Tax welfare for the billionaires, fiscal austerity for the middle and lower class.

The 1,000 billionaires in this country pay an average income tax rate of three percent. I am tired of feeling sorry for these "poor" tax-welfare billionaires. The United States has about 40 percent of all the billionaires in the world. If you want to know who is buying up the government, to include the SCOTUS, look at the upper 0.01 percent. They

make up about 40 percent of all the political investments in this country.

There is a big difference between political investments and donations,, which should be obvious to anybody

who cares to look.

Almost all of Kevin McCarthy's proposals are to undo President Biden's Inflation Reduction Act, to protect their billionaires. They want to cut IRS funding so that the IRS can do its job, and audit the top one percent who game the system for their benefit. That increase in funding will pay itself back by up to ten times. is an excellent website who want to know the truth about our national deficits and

resultant debt. Or do a web search "The True Cost of 40 Years of Republican Tax Cuts. I strongly recommend both for those interested in the truth.


Frank J. Thomeczek