Democrats have no integrity

Posted 10/19/22

Our FBI acquired Hunter Biden’s laptop in Dec. 2019, with Biden family influence peddling that harmed America. Hunter made 411 trips on AF2   from June 2009 to May 2014 to 29 foreign …

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Democrats have no integrity


Our FBI acquired Hunter Biden’s laptop in Dec. 2019, with Biden family influence peddling that harmed America. Hunter made 411 trips on AF2  from June 2009 to May 2014 to 29 foreign countries---the FBI squashed “any investigation. Bobulinski, a Biden associate, told Fox News in Oct. 2020 prior to the election, he had absolute proof, he would give the FBI on Joe Biden’s illegal involvement in this corruption. The FBI contacted social media site owners and told them to ignore “Russia propaganda” (R.P), censor stories and had 51 Central Intelligence agents confirm R.P. to the media! To this day, Bobulinski has not heard from the FBI.

This same FBI under Comey, lied to the FISA courts four times to tape Carter Page and the Trump campaign. Offered Steele $1 million to say the dossier was true---he wouldn’t!  Ignored Hillary’s unprotected server and deletion of 33,000 subpoenaed emails! Knew of Russian bribery, yet allowed Putin to acquire 20% of US Uranium----making $145 million for the Clinton Foundation! Interviewed General Flynn and later Trump and leaked stories to the press that started the 2-yr. Mueller probe. And now calls parents of school children “domestic terrorists” who want CRT removed that teaches hatred of America, a distorted history and gender transformation without parental approval. Also, ignored the 574 riots that burned $2 billion businesses/police offices and wouldn’t defend conservative Supreme Court justices from illegal rioters outside their homes. This is the “Swamp” Trump wanted to drain!

It’s the General Services Administration that packed the boxes that Trump “declassified” before removal from the White House. Presidents build libraries for their memorabilia! The Biden administration said inflation is transitory, the border is secured, we’re not in a recession, Putin caused the oil shortages and more LIES! Biden just begged Saudi Arabia & OPEC, who denied his request for oil to delay the announcement until after the mid-terms to illegally effect another election! Eighty-nine percent of Americans say inflation is their greatest concern with gas, food, rent, housing prices soaring. Democrats’ trillion-dollar bills for infrastructure are redirected for the enormous costs of 5 million+ illegal immigrants & growing, which the GOP will stop with a veto-proof majority. Crime is soaring with Democrats defunding police, no cash bail and D.A’s that release criminals & prisoners daily. Fentanyl is killing over 100,000 Americans.

Biden can’t find his way off stage and looks for dead people in the audience. Kamala desires a continued alliance with “North Korea”! Trump met with leaders of all countries throughout his presidency and kept soldiers safe and America out of war. The biggest national security threat America faces are the lies of our totalitarian government and those fools that believe them!

Charlotte Schnieders    

Jefferson City