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Dear Editor: Jonathan Diller, 31 yrs. old, a son, a husband to Stephanie, a father to one year old Ryan, a New York policeman was laid to rest this weekend after being killed by a criminal that … more
If November 5, 2024 was your last chance to save your country, your freedoms, would you vote?   Few people know of, or understand the intentions of the Bilderberg Group, that started in 1954. … more
Dear Editor: As I read the Feb. 21 article, “Outdoors in the Ozarks: Too many”, by Larry Dablemont the first thing I thought of was,”whoa”. In his words and thoughts Mr. … more
Dear Editor: Is it not amazing that our Founding Fathers that wrote our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution of the United States of America, were much smarter, more intelligent, more … more
To the Editor: The Osage County Clerk “can confidently say,” as quoted in the Feb. 28th issue of the UD, that the estimated election cost savings I presented at the recent Lincoln … more
Dear Editor Warden: I always read your editorial opinions and appreciate your thoughts. I write, however, to disagree in part with your Feb. 7 editorial Confirmation of the devil . I … more
Dear Editor: Brent Bennett, PhD, former battery researcher and engineer published an article by RealClearEnergy to expose the truth about electric vehicles (EV’s). The Biden … more
Dear Editor, President Biden’s scrip writer made Biden sound like a strong leader, an informer of peace, a supporter of Israel. We all know Biden can not put two sentences together on his … more
Dear Editor, Judicial Watch started by Tom Fitton investigates legal and judicial activities where corruption exist and fights for accountability, integrity in law, politics and government. … more
Dear Editor, Events of Oct. 7 in Israel seem contrary to promises the world made to “never forget” what happened to these people throughout history and particularly during WWII. … more
Dear Editor, Military and police families who had loved ones killed or maimed defending the freedoms/laws of America are enraged by how the Democratic Party leaders have destroyed those … more
Dear Editor, Have you ever felt like you have been to hell and back, live in pain every day, yet you thank the good Lord every day that you were born, raised, and grew old in the greatest … more
Dear Editor, Did anyone catch the LTE in the U.D. from Fr. Stephen Jones about an audit? It is available online at https://diojeffcity.org/finance-and-accounting/. I have not had the chance … more
Dear Editor, If Kristie Scheulen is correct in her claim that the diocese will not perform an audit of its financials then a red flag has been raised.   With all the monies that the diocese … more
Dear Editor, New speed limits signs are being erected all over Linn. No, it is not “April Fools” but what good do the signs do? There are speed limit signs in existence now. Are they … more
History is America’s greatest teacher and why I feel the Democrats have destroyed statues of our greatest leaders. It appears Dems feel it is more important to begin transgenderism, sex … more
Dear Editor, I just don’t understand why all Americans aren’t hopping mad at our politicians and administrators, but thanks to indoctrination and ignorance, we remain complacent once … more
Dear Editor, An audit of the diocese, the chancery and the bishop is a tall order. I have been told that an audit has been requested before with no success. Apparently, the chancery and the … more
Dear Editor, Two weeks ago, when the street department completed their disgraceful repair of Jefferson Street in front of my driveway, they left a clump of concrete to harden directly in front … more
COLUMBIA — During drought, plants and livestock suffer. So do farmers. Life in rural America can be rough, especially when weather-related events such as drought and flood put crops and … more
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