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The upcoming midterm election is the most important midterm ever.  This election will go a very long ways towards defining what we really want, democracy or keep tending towards fascism. … more
America’s survival and freedoms will be decided this election. Under GOP leadership, we were #1 in energy production. Food/gas/home interest rates/building costs all lower. Your 401K’s, … more
Is your family and freedoms important to you? Then, please understand the critical importance of these mid-term elections.  In 20 months, Democrats have taken our thriving economy to a … more
It was mentioned a year or so ago that 4-H and FFA kids need to learn how to pay commissions on their animals at the fair, just like at the sale barns when you sell cattle or the central hog markets. … more
My dad was a small-town storekeeper in the years before and after WWII.  Born in 1898 he found himself too young to serve in the first War and too old for the second.  In rural communities … more
Americans are witnessing the destruction of our Constitutional Republic by Democrats, wanting power over every aspect of our lives! When they use corrupt government agencies to criminalize parents as … more
I sadly contemplate how this country has reached this present sad state of divisiveness that is threatening the entire fabric of what is supposed to be the “United States.”  … more
We should all be troubled with the findings of the J6 investigation.   The tapes speak for themselves.  We now know that Ex-President Trump not only planned the attempted coup, he approved … more
“I never dreamed that I would have to face the prospect of not living in the United States of America, at least not the one I have known all my life…. I say, something evil has … more
Paul Weaver, a political scientist at Harvard University states the news media and government have created a “CULTURE OF LYING”!  To gain power the media fabricates crisis and the … more
Dear Editor: As Election Day 2020 approached many states looked for ways to accomplish their elections in the midst of the pandemic. Expanding voting time frames, neighborhood voter drop boxes, … more
After the SCOTUS hearings of Judge Ketanji Brown, I wondered what Senator Josh Hawley felt that the appropriate sentencing guidelines for sedition should be.  I was told that Senator … more
If the Ukrainian (UK) president in 1994, had known of Clinton’s financial and sexual scandals, do you think he would have returned the 1700 Soviet nukes left on Ukrainian soil?  The … more
We all have a problem with the current inflation numbers, and need to consider some facts about such.  Much of the inflation is due to a recovering economy.  7.9 million jobs have been … more
Patriotic Americans, who love their country, constitution and bill of rights’ freedoms, will find the diabolical, maniacal plan of the World Economic Forum (WEF), called the Great Reset (GR), a … more
The truth doesn’t come from mainstream media, Twitter or Facebook, that are owned by big tech globalists, that fundamentally want to transform America and put the world under their total … more
Truthful news sources revealed this week that Russia had a propaganda campaign to push green energy initiatives in Europe and America. Intelligent leaders understand that being energy independent is … more
 I have sadly concluded that in today’s political environment, the cruelty, and intimidation is often the point.   The multi-disgraced, twice impeached Ex-President Trump is a good … more
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