Look for the accomplishments


Dear Editor:

When deciding on a president/VP, voters should look at accomplishments as the true measure of qualifications. Biden and Harris had none! Robert Gates said Biden was wrong on every foreign policy decision throughout his career and we learn in Profiles in Corruption that Harris was the “married” Willy Smith’s sexual partner in California. Biden ignored the advice of three Generals on existing Afghanistan resulting in the deaths of 13 soldiers and leaving $92 billion dollars in weapons for the Taliban. The men died because they were not given permission to kill the bomber the sharp shooter spotted! Biden checked his watch for every soldier’s body carried off the plane in Dover!

Then, three U.S. soldiers were killed in Jordan, while 40 other service members were injured near the Syrian border. This administration allowed 170 attacks on our troops and did NOTHING! Biden mandated COVID vaccines and DEI Marxists’ policies for the military that Matthew Lohmeier in Irresistible Revolution said has caused deaths from myocarditis and recruitment figures to plummet. Recently, troops built a $132 million pier in Gaza and Biden has given Ukraine around $170 billion US dollars/weapons, plus the billion dollar American bribe, so an investigator into Burisma—Hunter’s benefactor for millions wouldn’t be exposed!

Biden completely open America’s borders to criminals, fentanyl that’s killing millions of Americans, diseases eliminated from America and now present and putting the costs of illegals total care on the US taxpayers. Inflation has gone from 1.4% under Trump to over 9% under Biden and will continue to climb as stores are closing due to theft. By shutting down all oil production and draining the strategic petroleum reserve, America is defenseless against enemies like China, who has acquired land in Cuba, Mexico and outside our military bases that exposes us to an electromagnet pulse attack that shuts down all electricity! Biden removed oil sanctions on Iran making them billions of dollars. The senseless green energy push is about control over the population and Biden’s executive order #14067 promotes a digital currency where the government has control over your bank accounts and can bankrupt you if you don’t follow their policies! The 16 million+ illegals are here to alter Congressional numbers that’s decided on population—not citizen #’s! Biden withheld federal dollars, if schools didn’t allow males to compete in women’s sports--- so girls are getting hurt and raped in their bath and locker rooms! Biden ignoring the Supreme court illegally used $169 billion for student loan forgiveness to buy votes!

The media, public education systems and federal agencies have all become vessels that are rooted in Marxist ideology that’s bent on the destruction of America’s history, Western tradition, Christian, conservative values and patriotism. Many American lives were lost to defeat the Marxist-Communist ideology and great treasures lost during much of the 20th century. But the enemy is anyone who loves America and wants to stop them! That is why our corrupt government has worked to bankrupt and convict Trump with baseless charges, but tried with radical prosecutors and judges. Our only chance to change this is on Nov. 5th!!!

Charlotte Schnieders    

Jefferson City