Joe Biden and the Democrats’ war on…


As Biden’s term as the 46th President of the United States winds down, it has become increasingly evident that his presidency will be defined by war.

I’m not just talking about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s war against Ukraine and Hamas’ war they started against Israel.

The Democrats, along with Biden, are currently engaged in several wars on the home front. These are wars they are proud of. These are wars that affect every American in the pocketbook and some with their lives.

Biden declared war on energy on his first day in office, shutting down the Keystone pipeline with the stroke of his pen and canceling federal lease sales and existing leases. 

This attack on our energy independence has resulted in higher gas prices, making America and the world more reliant on OPEC, Venezuela, Russia, and Iran.

In case you forgot, after Russia invaded Ukraine, Biden depleted the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR). It’s now at a historically low level — 363 million barrels. Last month, his administration canceled plans to purchase three million barrels of oil each month to refill the SPR.

Related to energy is Biden’s war on the internal combustion engine. Sales of electric vehicles have slowed. In March, the Biden administration announced new tailpipe emission rules to attack gas-powered cars. Currently, EVs account for 7.6 percent of new vehicle sales. Biden’s goal is 50 percent in just six years. 

That can only be accomplished with his war. We will pay the cost with higher car prices.

Perhaps Biden’s most significant war is the one he has declared on our southern border. From stopping construction on the wall and ending Donald Trump’s stay-in-Mexico policy, he has done everything possible to make it easier for illegal immigrants to enter our country, including suing Texas and Arizona.

Imagine calling 911 to report an intruder in your house. The operator tells you two things: First, we are not going to send the police to help you. Second, if you do anything yourself, you will be arrested. That is a good analogy what the Biden Administration is doing.

Just like any war, the cost is in the billions, and lives are being lost.

The next item Democrats have declared war on is law and order. Democrats are very proud of this war. It started with the defund the police movement. All wars cost money. Billionaire George Soros is funding this one. 

Prosecuting attorneys that Soros donates to can outspend their opponents in the Democrat primary by a margin of 3.5 to 1. Once elected, these prosecutors refuse to prosecute entire categories of crimes. They also water down felonies and eliminate bail.

Then, in these cities — Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, St. Louis, Boston, and Baltimore —violent crime rates spike up. The Democrat voters in those cities pay with their treasure and their lives.

Our children’s education is not safe from Democrats. Democrats use their power in education, using the classroom to indoctrinate children as young as five about the transgender movement, woke ideology and critical race theory. To make it harder for parents to have a choice, two years ago, Biden’s Department of Education added new regulations that made it harder for charter schools to open.

By allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports under the cover of transgender-ism, Democrats have declared war against women’s sports.

Democrat students on college campuses carry out a war on free speech every time they stop conservatives from speaking on campus.

The reason the National Rifle Association exists is to fight back against Democrat proposals to limit the Second Amendment.

Recently it has been revealed that left-wing dark money groups are funding anti-Israel protesters across the country. These groups — George Soros, David Rockefeller Jr., and Susan and Nick Pritzker, heirs to the Hyatt hotel empire — are some of President Biden’s most prominent Democratic donors. 

If you believe Jews have rights, in free speech, the Second Amendment, law and order, a secure border, that we should have a choice in what kind of car we purchase and in energy independence, then you are a Republican. Remember to vote that way this fall.