The fundamental transformation of America


We owe all American soldiers, that gave their lives, suffered disabilities/hardships, a thank you for defending our freedoms, that seems to have gone way off-track today!

George Soros told Steve Kroft, he had the money and know how, to destroy America. He spent millions electing Obama, who was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis, a card-carrying Communist. Davis’s beliefs included: wealth redistribution, taxpayer funded universal healthcare, excoriating big business, blasted GOP tax cuts and oil companies’ profits. Catholics were obstacles to “Fundamentally Changing America”! Those exact words echoed by Obama, who had close ties to Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dorn of the Weather Underground, a revolutionary group modeled after the Red Guards of China!

Van Jones, Obama’s “Green Energy Czar” became a Communist while in jail and formed STORM—Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement that promoted Marxist politics. Kevin Jennings, O’s Safe School Czar promoted explicit sex between young school age children and adults. This evolved today into the “transgenderism” with teachers giving gender blockers and scheduling surgeries without parental permission. As Biden says: they’re all, “our children”!

Only 13% of 8th graders are proficient in history. Will Durant stated: (paraphrased) A person deprived of memory becomes disorientated and lost; whereas a nation denied its history will be disabled in dealing with its present and future! How many founders’ statues have been destroyed?

Democrats damaged America with Carter’s 22% interest rates, Clinton’s Community Reinvestment Act that lowered standards for home loans causing a $4+ trillion bailout, Obama’s unaffordable healthcare and Biden reversed all of Trump’s policies.  Production of fossil fuels ended; borders opened to millions of illegals (700,000 in Mexico waiting Title 42 to end). deadly fentanyl, disease, criminals released from prisons and sex traffickers probably using the 85000 missing unaccompanied minors as slaves and prostitutes! Biden’s administration selected people on sexual and racial standards (ESG) so they’re not the most qualified. Thus, we have food shortages, supply chain disasters, constant train wrecks, crime soaring as they “defunded police departments” and Soros funded radical district attorneys. Inflation is high, banks are failing, hospitals are bankrupt and our military is depleted due to mandated vaccines, CRT and sending $130 billion in weapons and ammo to UK. Trillions are given to foreign countries to push the lie of green energy---destroyed by Mr. Warden’s editorial on 4/26. To buy votes, student loan forgiveness/reparations were suggested, but if that fails, Democrats want to end the filibuster, stacked the Supreme Court and make DC and Puerto Rico states.

As a member of a military family, who suffered the loss of two sons, please stop the insanity of this administration and elect a Republican to take on these enormous challenges!

Submitted by

Charlotte Schnieders       

Jefferson City