Where we stand in the House of Representatives

By Blaine Luetkemeyer, 3rd District Congressman
Posted 10/11/23

By now, you’re probably sick of hearing about the “Motion to Vacate,” the “looming government shutdown,” and how Congress can’t seem to get its act together. I …

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Where we stand in the House of Representatives


By now, you’re probably sick of hearing about the “Motion to Vacate,” the “looming government shutdown,” and how Congress can’t seem to get its act together. I know you’re frustrated, as am I.

On Tuesday, eight self-proclaimed Republicans sided with every House Democrat to remove the Speaker of the House from his position. In doing so they’ve put a stop to the appropriations process to claim to support and the ongoing investigation of President Biden’s questionable business dealings.

Heading into this year, the GOP had momentum. We took that majority in the House and a Gallup Poll showed Americans trusted Republicans with the economy more than Democrats by the widest margin since 1991. Over the last 10 months, we enacted the largest budget cut in U.S. history without impacting the military and national security. The House passed the strongest border security bill ever, and we launched investigations that have uncovered evidence that suggests extreme corruption by the President.

Tuesday’s Motion to Vacate stopped our progress entirely. Instead, with the help of eight “Republicans,” Democrats celebrated checking off their wish list:

Keep spending recklessly

Safeguard President Biden from investigation

Do nothing to address the border crisis

Remain soft on crime

I wish you all could have seen the smiles on their faces as they celebrated with Matt Gaetz on the House floor.

Since Tuesday I’ve had dozens of people ask me why in the world would they do that. The answer is simple: self-promotion and campaign donations. I’m sure most of you have received a text message from a member of Congress asking for donations. On Monday and Tuesday, I received several from those members’ campaigns asking for donations because they were joining Democrats to oust the first Republican Speaker we’ve had since 2018. I’ve been told by many of you that you received the same texts. (Needless to say, I did not donate…)

The fact of the matter is, those eight people are so desperate for clicks and notoriety that they are willing to sacrifice our majority and run interference for the Biden family to get it. I’m sure that sounds a little nuts – certainly, they have a legitimate reason, right? Unfortunately, there was no legitimate reason. Just last week we voted on a bill to cut the non-defense budget by 30 percent and put in place enhanced border security policies. Guess who sided with Democrats to vote against that bill too. If you watch cable news, you’ve undoubtedly seen each of them multiple times. That’s not a coincidence.

As disheartening as these self-inflicted wounds are, Americans are still counting on the Republican House to combat horrible economic policies, bolster our national security, and stop the radical social agenda coming out of the White House. I am committed to doing that. While last week’s events made that mission more difficult, we have a deep roster of talented public servants ready to answer the call. The overwhelming majority of our conference agrees with the overwhelming majority of the American people who believe the Biden presidency is a failure, and we take very seriously our duty to right the ship.