Osage County Commission News

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

By HB Dodds, UD Staff Writer
Posted 5/27/20

Osage County Road and Bridge Foreman…

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Osage County Commission News

Tuesday, May 19, 2020


TUESDAY, MAY 19, 2020

Osage County Road and Bridge Foreman Ron Kempker has a crew working on the flood-damaged culvert north of the railroad tracks on CR 436. Besides fixing the culvert, they are also trying to widen the crossing.

That will make it safe for larger farm machinery like combines.

* He has also had a local contractor look at the box culvert on CR 306 east of the Fairview Christian Church.

He hopes to have an estimate soon. Kempker wants to excavate, set some rock, and pour the concrete necessary to stabilize the structure.

"We'll wait to hear back from him, what he has to say," Kempker concluded.

* Grader #04 is overheating. A technician was on his way to look at it as Kempker gave his report, and the hope is it's nothing more than a faulty sensor.

* Osage County First District Commissioner John Glavin called attention to a collapsing culvert pipe on CR 313. He also requested additional material on CR 274A.

* Kempker announced a private drive culvert to be repaired on CR 742 near Belle.

"The thing is," said Glavin, "while we're doing that, the roads are [deteriorating]."

* Osage County Presiding Commissioner

Darryl Griffin showed an email he had received from a resident on CR 621. The specific request was for something to be done which might slow the flow of water in a nearby ditch.

* Westphalia City Attorney David Bandre has yet to return a signed contract for the maintenance of CR 511 within the city limits.

* The department hauled rock on CRs 203, 303, 315, 424, 506, 508, 515, and 742; crew members performed service on Graders #03 and #04, and Truck #31; crews replaced a culvert on CR 303 and replaced culverts on CRs 303 and 315; and grader operators worked on CRs 203, 206, 207, 2323, 233, 234, 273, 274B, 413, 414, 424, 501, 503, 515, 614, 606, 613A, 621, 637, 638, 736, 737, 739, 742, 753, and 754.

* Griffin briefed the commission on the May 14 meeting of the Meramec Regional Planning Commission (MRPC). He expects the MRPC to soon produce a contract for distribution of Coronavirus Relief (CARES) Act funds. They are to be fed through county and local governments.

There should be two separate forms: one for government departments and the other for businesses.

There was discussion for capping the amount a private enterprise may receive. Other counties are already putting such a limit in place. This is intended to make sure all businesses in need might at least get some of the cash.

"We'll know more this week by Thursday, hopefully," said Griffin.

"It was a good discussion." MRPC will probably charge something for this service, but the fee will be eligible for reimbursement by the same CARES Act funds.

* The annual MRPC dinner is scheduled to take place in Linn, Oct. 22.

* Osage County Building and Grounds Janitorial and Maintenance Worker John Kennedy has measured all the business counter windows in the Osage County Annex for plexiglass barriers. He should have a cost estimate soon for the commissioners to approve.

* Verslues Construction has yet to return an estimate for the repair of leaks in the Annex basement.

The leaks potentially impact the Osage County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) 

* Osage County 911/EMA Director Andrea Rice announced one property remains in violation of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) floodplain restrictions. The case is now in the hands of Osage County Prosecuting Attorney Amanda Grellner.

* Rice also passed out literature with information about supplemental COVID-19 emergency funding from the Missouri State Emergency Management Agency (SEMA). It could potentially affect the county budget. She asked the commissioners to review it and promised to explain it further. It was scheduled to be on the Thursday, May 21 commission meeting agenda.

THURSDAY, MAY 21, 2020

Rice presented a draft of the county's annual progress update letter.

One property remains in violation of FEMA flood plain restrictions.

The commissioners approved and. signed the document. Action is being taken by the Prosecuting Attorney's office. "This is the only violation since 2014," she stated.

* She also presented a request for a variance from a resident on Lori Lane near CR 806, who wants to erect a building to be used only for storage with flood-resistant materials.

"He just wants to put an accessory structure underneath his elevated structure," Rice explained. "This is an allowable project. It will have no utilities."

Commissioners received it and will have in on the agenda Tuesday,  May 26. It may then be discussed in public and a vote taken.

* Rice further explained the COVID-19 funding administered through SEMA.

The grant cycle will be extended through six, rather than the usual four, quarters.

Therefore, the total amountof the grant will be much larger. In this case, the county will receive $133,575 instead of $66,787.50. The advantage is that only one grant application need be written; and the money will show up in a more timely fashion. Checks tend to be written near the end of a grant period rather than the beginning.

"We don't have to do anything extra," said Rice. "I've already done everything we need to do."

* Griffin announcedMRPC will have a contract for administering CARES Act procedures for the commission to review Tuesday, May 26. "We'll sign it and vote on it then," he said.

* Osage County Collector Denise Nolte is investigating options to install a drop box for her office.

Commissioners are optimistic the cost may be covered with CARES Act funds.

* Griffin urged all citizens to take the time and fill out the U.S. Census questionnaire.

* The Municipal General Election is scheduled Tuesday, June 2.

* MRPC will hold its annual banquet Thursday, Oct. 22, at State Technical College.


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