Linn has a busy week of track

Posted 4/26/23

Linn track athletes competed on Friday at the Tomahawk Relays, a new event for the Wildcats, and it proved to offer some great competition. “Several athletes had personal records and felt more …

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Linn has a busy week of track


Linn track athletes competed on Friday at the Tomahawk Relays, a new event for the Wildcats, and it proved to offer some great competition. “Several athletes had personal records and felt more confident about their events,” said Coach Robyn Baker. “The wind was very strong, but our athletes pushed through and did well.”

The Lady Cats finished fifth and the boys were eighth.

Annaliese Bowser had a really good day in the javelin, which is difficult to throw into the wind, earning second with a toss of 30.3m. “She is getting closer to that school record, which is her ultimate goal,” said Baker.

Grace Wagner is continuing to work hard at the 300 meter hurdles, finishing fourth in 59.30. “Her goal at this meet was to concentrate on technique and not worry about time,” said Baker. “Her concentration got her a better time and a fourth-place medal.”

Kiana Hostetler and Erika Platt continue to push each other in the 800m run, finishing fifth and sixth in 2:54 and 2:57, respectively. “They started out a little slow, but both got an extra kick at the last 200 meters,” Baker noted.

Ramsie Tschappler is really working on the 1600 meter run, and she is trying to be more consistent in her laps so she has a push at the end. “This race was better, and I’m excited to see where she gets at the meets this upcoming week,” said Baker as Tschappler ran a time of 6:36 for fourth.

Marissa Gehlert had a good day of pole vaulting, despite the wind, finishing fifth (2.15m). “She has been struggling to clear seven feet and she made it at this meet,” said Baker.

On the boys’ side, Angel Mendez took a bit of a spill running the 300m hurdles at the South Callaway meet, and this was his first time running them again, finishing eighth in 58.89. “He did well and stayed upright the entire time,” said Baker. “He is learning to attack the hurdles and will continue to get better with each meet.”

Zach Dodson is staying busy playing baseball and participating in track, but he had a good day jumping both the high jump (8, 1.61m) and pole vault (2, 3.05m). “I am excited to see how he does this week at the conference meet in New Bloomfield,” said Baker.

She said the highlight of the meet was the mixed 400m throwers relay. The team was comprised of Natasha Jewell, Jason Greer, Courtney Wood, and Jason Powers.

“Jason and Courtney don’t run any events, so it was fun to see what they could do on the track,” said Baker.

Here are the remaining results.

100m dash: Anna Plume (8, 14.61), G. Wagner (11, 15.26); Carson Kliethermes (7, 12.86), Cameron Hoelscher (16, 13.59)

100m/110m hurdles: Autumn Baker (5, 19.42)

200m dash: A. Baker (4, 29.10), Hope Wolfe (8, 31.11); Tyler Wagner (7, 26.52)

400m dash: Wolfe (5, 1:09); Powers (5, 55.24), Kliethermes (7, 1:02)

1600m run: Gehlert (12, 8:13); Baker (15, 6:42)

3200m run: Gehlert (7, 17:38)

400m relay: Erika Platt, Vivien Baker, Plume, G. Wagner (9, 1:02); Burnett, Hoelscher, Mendez, Wagner (6, 51.98)

800m relay: A. Baker, V. Baker, Platt, Wolfe (6, 2:03); Dodson, Kliethermes, Powers, Mendez (7, 1:47)

1600m relay: Wolfe, Tschappler, Hostetler, Bowser (6, 4:57); Dodson, Hoelscher, Powers, Wagner (4, 3:59)

3200m relay: Bowser, Hostetler, Platt, Tschappler (2, 11:40)

HJ: V. Baker (9, 1.22m)

LJ: A. Baker (12, 3.98m), Plume (15, 3.77m); Kliethermes (17, 4.43m), Hoelscher (18, 4.19m)

TJ: Hostetler (7, 8.81m), Tschappler (11, 8.33m); Kliethermes (10, 9.87m), Baker (13, 8.74m)

PV: Baker (9, 2.15m)

Discus: Bowser (6, 19.2m), Wood (7, 18.57m); Greer (16, 20.23m)

Shot put: Wood (13, 6.69m), Jewell (16, 5.26m); Burnett (14, 9.31m), Greer(19, 7.3m)

Javelin: Wood (13, 17.7m); Powers  (10, 29.49m), Greer (19, 21.8m)

Linn also competed at home in the Osage-Maries Challenge. Several individuals and relays won events.

“This is always a fun meet for our kids because they get the opportunity to see each other compete and compete as a team with another Osage County team, Chamois,” said Coach Baker. “As always, we are very appreciative of our parents and community volunteers who come out to make this meet run smoothly. Osage County didn’t pull out the win against Maries County, but several athletes had the opportunity to compete in some events they wouldn’t normally do, and that made it fun for all.”

Here are the results.100m dash: Plume (2, 14.02), G. Wagner (4, 15.02), Vidella Loughridge (7, 18.09); Kliethermes (1, 12.01), Hoelscher (5, 13.12)

100m/110m hurdles: A. Baker (1, 19.29); T. Wagner (2, 20.14)

200m dash: A. Baker (2, 29.24), Plume (3, 30.21), Wolfe (4, 30.27), V. Baker (7, 31.37); T. Wagner (2, 26.37)

300m hurdles: Olivia Helmig (1, 56.88), G. Wagner (2, 1:02); Dodson (1, 48.10)

400m dash: Wolfe (3, 1:09); Powers (55.79)

800m run: Hostetler (1, 2:48), Platt (3, 2:52)

1600m run: Tschappler (2, 6:39), Gehlert (3, 8:14)

3200m run: Tschappler (2, 14:19), Gehlert (3, 17:34)

400m relay: Gehlert, V. Baker, Plume, G. Wagner (2, 1:02); Burnett, Hoelscher, Mendez, T. Wagner (1, 51.59)

800m relay: A. Baker, V. Baker, Helmig, Wolfe (1, 2:00); Burnett, Kliethermes, Powers, Mendez (1, 1:45)

1600m relay: Wolfe, Helmig, Hostetler, Platt (1, 4:54); Dodson, Hoelscher, Powers, Wagner (2, 3:57)

3200m relay: Bowser, Hostetler, Platt, Tschappler (1, 11:44)

HJ: V. Baker (4, 1.27m); Dodson (1, 1.77m)

LJ: A. Baker (4, 4.2m), Plume (5, 4.16m), G. Wagner (7, 3.07m); Kliethermes (2, 4.66m), Hoelscher (5, 4.49m)

TJ: Hostetler (2, 8.988m), Tschappler (5, 8.54m); Kliethermes (1, 10.32m)

PV: Helmig (1, 2.59m), Gehlert (4, 1.98m); Dodson (1, 3.2m)

Discus: Wood (4, 22.46m), Bowser (5, 20.72m), Jewell (7, 16.26m); Greer (6, 19.63m)

Shot put: Wood (4, 6.91m), Loughridge (6, 6.29m), Jewell (7, 5.09m); Burnett (6, 8.64m), Greer (10, 6.78m)

Javelin: Bowser (2, 29.13m), Loughridge (6, 20.71m); Powers (4, 28.46m), Greer (6, 24.85m)