Westphalia approves 5-year contract for trash services

By Theresa Brandt, Staff Writer
Posted 9/7/22

Westphalia aldermen at their meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 30, approved a five-year contract with Republic Services for trash services to the city, effective Nov. 1. Current monthly charges for …

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Westphalia approves 5-year contract for trash services


Westphalia aldermen at their meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 30, approved a five-year contract with Republic Services for trash services to the city, effective Nov. 1. Current monthly charges for residential customers will increase from $17.92 to $18.09. The new contract will have a mandatory increase in residential charges of 4% per year and will be re-evaluated after the five-year term expires. 

“We’ve been seeing a three percent increase each year, so there was no push to consider a longer renewal,” Mayor Tammy Massman said, citing concerns for inflation as a reason to lock in the rate now for five years.

“If we keep pecking away at this one year at a time, we’re going to get burned,” Aldermen Delbert Wieberg agreed.

Westphalia will be able to schedule a fall or spring clean-up annually with two open containers provided by Republic Services at no extra charge. The recycle drop-off will also be provided, with removal of recyclable materials once every two weeks at no additional cost to the city. Currently, Republic Services charges the city $352 per month for the recycle bins and the same pick-up schedule.

Aldermen Lori Asel hoped that the city could negotiate additional pick-ups of the recycle bins as part of the five-year deal.

“We have a lot of good recyclers out there because the recycle bin is always full,” Asel said.

Massman explained that Republic Services isn’t willing to increase pick-ups for the recycle bin because even though the bins are full, the total tonnage picked up is low. 

“Our recyclers are not breaking down the products,” Massman said. 

Asel noted that people need to be aware of this problem and do a better job breaking down boxes and other recyclable items.

Aldermen have also designated Oct. 8-9 for fall clean-up, during which two dumpsters will be placed at the Reid-Millard Funeral Home parking lot for that weekend. Massman will send out flyers to city residents announcing the date and location.

In other business, the Westphalia Car Show is scheduled for Sept. 16. 

“Everything seems to be falling into place as far as notifications and follow through,” said Massman. 

Westphalia has received paperwork that lists it as an insurer on the event insurance. At least one city business is applying for a caterer’s license to allow outside sales during the event. Parking has been verified with area businesses, the St. Joseph Catholic Church, and Fatima R-3, confirming there are no conflicting events the night of the car show. The city has also issued a temporary business license for Mo Ink and Stitch to sell t-shirts.

• Aldermen approved a $2,500 payment for driveway repair at #105 Bridge Ave. The total cost of $6,100 for the repair is higher than usual. Typically, these same repairs have been estimated at $5,000. The policy set forth by aldermen was to pay half of the repairs, up to $2,500. Wieberg and Alderman Stanley Heckman believed it was important to stick to the amount that was originally stated.

The repair at #105 Bridge Avenue included the embedded metal grate discussed at a previous meeting. Massman was asked to put the issue on the agenda for next month so the policy could be altered to include a specification for the metal grate system and to consider increasing the city’s share due to inflation.

• The Westphalia Historical Society will be hosting a Walking and Wine Tour of the city on Oct. 18, from 2-5 p.m. The cost is $20 per person, and the proceeds will benefit the Westphalia Historical Society.

• Asel noted that she had been approached by former alderman Gerhard Schmitz, Jr. about whether his street and driveway were on the list to be repaired. 

Massman said that the street and alley by the Schmitz residence are not slated for repairs this year.

“He, among other residents, always have areas of interest, and so what he is talking about is aligning a concrete swale which includes his driveway, but because the area is due to have upcoming construction, it didn’t seem cost-effective to tear it out and make the repair at this time,” Massman explained. “There is always an ongoing list. It’s a matter of priority. It has not been approved in the projects this year.”

Heckman noted that Schmitz has also approached him about the issue.

“It will happen at some point,” Heckman said, referring to the repair.

• Aaron Iachowicz from Mid Mo Operations reported that there had been a power surge at the Highway 63 Lift Station.

“It blew the surge protector off of the pump, but it saved the (control) panel,” Iachowicz said. 

Mid Mo Operations was able to wire around the blown fuse and get the lift station back up and running relatively quickly. They replaced the fuse as soon as a new one could be purchased.

“It’s running normal right now, but I would highly recommend replacing the surge protector,” Iachowicz said, estimating a replacement will cost between $400 and $500. 

Mid Mo Operations has discussed at previous meetings that there is a leak in the air header at the wastewater treatment plant. Iachowicz repaired the leak with marine epoxy and is pleased with the results.

A battery was replaced in the Massman Lane Lift station. 

Weed-killer has been ordered and arrived at the request of Mid Mo Operations.

Iachowicz has finally received the sealer and o-ring parts for the manhole lids, and they expect to complete inspections and repairs on all of the city’s manholes by the end of the year.

Wieberg has also been in touch with Mike Mueller, and he will be done with the repairs to the manholes by Wieberg’s shop and Huntline Dental within a week to complete that project.

• Westphalia had the following expenses for the month: city fund ($2,487.14), sewer system ($7,007.65), and special road district ($805.61).

• The city had the following receipts: city ($8,815.21), sewer ($9,352.33), and special road district ($631.40).

• Westphalia had the following account balances: city checking ($180,495.04), sewer system checking ($40,540.70), special road district checking ($54,091.16), and special road district savings ($5,112.51).

• The city holds the following certificates of deposit: city ($439,832.16), sewer system ($522,219.60), and special road district ($522,131.20).

• The next meeting is scheduled for Sept. 27 at 6 p.m.