You must save America


Is your family and freedoms important to you? Then, please understand the critical importance of these mid-term elections.  In 20 months, Democrats have taken our thriving economy to a 40-year-high recession and home loans to a 14- year-high. America was number one in energy production and now we beg OPEC for oil at any price. Our borders were protected by a wall nearly finished and asylum seekers remained in Mexico until their court date. Illegals were vetted for criminal activities, education and disease and terrorists from six countries were banned from entry. 

We had a president that worked tirelessly to make our country safer who was not a “globalist” that would be enriched with our demise. By lowering corporate taxes and individual tax rates, he brought corporations and jobs back to America and put more money in your pockets. He supported our military and established the Space Force, understanding that might be the next required line of defense. He removed America from the poorly negotiated agreements, the Paris Climate Accord and Iran Agreement and deeply hurt their economy with sanctions. He took out terrorists without costing one American soldier their life. He reached out and saw that Black Historical Colleges got funding, all the while he pressured NATO countries to pay their agreed upon share for their defense. He established the Abraham Accords with Israel, UAE, Bahrain and the US for peace in the Middle East. How peaceful the world could have been compared to what we have now! He was the only president attending the March for Life, realizing it’s “smarter” to use the two-dozen taxpayer-funded birth control measures than to kill a helpless child, even after birth as Democrats want, to sell their body parts! There would be no abortions if you had control of your body!

The rich and powerful WEF globalists wanted control over all people and he had to be destroyed. He had to have strong faith to withstand the daily attacks by the press and political opponents, which have never stopped.

Biden destroyed his successes: Five million illegals have entered our country, unvetted for terrorist activities or diseases. Dems bailed out BLM/Antifa protestors that burned $2 billion of businesses and defunded police departments---crime has soared and we are not safe. Teachers introduce K-3rd graders to CRT, sexually explicit books, give gender blockers and can have your child castrated, breast removed or endure a hysterectomy without your consent (Fox Nation-Transgressive). Parents are domestic terrorists! Our military has been destroyed with mandated unsafe vaccines and CRT. Dems will collapse the dollar for digital currency accounts that they will totally control. Global warming insanity is destroying the planet! Save America—give Republicans a veto-proof majority!

Charlotte Schnieders   

Jefferson City 

Source:>News>Top News Oil from US Reserve Sent Overseas as Gasoline prices stay High by Arathy Somasekhar  July 5, 2022


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